The Federal Greener Homes program offers rebates for retrofits and training for new energy advisors.

How Jade can help. We work with current Energy Advisors to develop the details of your retrofit or advisor application. We provide the costs of retrofits and the savings in energy bills along with the carbon reductions. See below for how we work with you.

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About Us

Energy represents one third of the emissions produced by the average single family home. Reducing this also saves money. 

We get you the best bang for your buck and the planet.


We work with you to determine the best way to save energy through a review of your home and energy use. We walk you through the applications for the government programs that provide incentives to save energy. We then partner with suppliers and contractors to implement the money savings measures. We also educate you in energy conservation techniques. Financing is arranged so you don’t have to put money out at the start. You pay back the improvements through the monthly savings so that you are cash flow positive from day one.

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Jim Feilders, a Professional Engineer, took the One Tonne Challenge of the Federal Government in 2005 and decided he had to do something about climate change. He started a renewable energy business, bought a Prius  and decided to build a green home in Burlington that was constructed in 2010. The home is comfortable, eco friendly and energy efficient while producing 90% less carbon emissions than the surrounding homes. The air source heat pump and heat recovery ventilator are the two main reasons for these results. He gives tours regularly including the annual Ontario Sustainable Energy Association'sOpen Green Doors event every fall. See the video at the link below. 

Having worked as a consultant for clients under the FIT and microFIT solar electric programs, he has transitioned into providing assistance with homeowners wanting to reduce energy use and cost while also reducing carbon emissions.